He did the right decision!

"I'm very happy. I never regret anything. At the moment it is very difficult for the club because we haven't won a lot of games in the league but I'm still happy to be at Arsenal. It's my desire, it's what I show everyone and it's what I tell everyone. I want to stay at Arsenal.Most of our players have been injured. We've missed Eduardo for several months, Tomas Rosicky for about a year, Theo Walcott for three or four months, Cesc Fabregas for almost six months and I've also been injured for two or three weeks. I think if Manchester United had to do without Ronaldo, Rooney, Giggs, Berbatov and Nani, they wouldn't have the same team as they have now. They wouldn't be winning every game. When we get those players back, we'll have a chance of winning something"

/ Emmanuel Adebayor #25


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